Allison always felt very concerned about the women in precarious situations. She was inspired by Veronica Scott, a solitary entrepreneur who help homeless people, more specifically women. Her project, in the long term is to train and hire women in such situations. There is a sentence that deeply affected Allison, that was told by a homeless woman to Veronica Scott :

« We don’t need a coat, but we need a job! »

Reintegration through employment is a very important value for our brand, who has committed to get the status of social integration company as soon as possible and try to give a second chance to those in need.

Why the name “Menestia” ?

It is the alliance of the word “menestier” which means “to do a favor” and the letter A for the feminine touch. She chose this name because it represents perfectly the goal of her company.

« We wish to federate these women around a feminine accessory in order to help them rebuilt their self-confidence and a return to financial and social stability, with an individual support. We would like to provide this service for them »